Florals Everywhere

I have started to see the first signs of Spring... Florals, lining shop floors and almost every magazine shoot this month and I am in love! Although I may not be able to wear floral dresses and skirts a lot yet without tights, the weather has not stopped me wearing the fun vinbrant pattern! I found this blue and white floral dress today at the bottom of my wardrobe which I bought in a flea market in Paris last year. Flea markets are one of my favourite places to find intersting and unique pieces to add the my wardrobe; and if you are not a fan of buying clothes then jewelery is a great alternative. When I go abroad I always love to find hidden markets away from the tourist zones where you can usually find unique and cultral pieces which is a great souvenir to remind you of your visit every time you wear it!

(Reading an old French Vogue I bought when in Paris)

Dress- Flea Market
Sandles- Zara
Necklace- Topshop



Mixing Patterns

Hope you all had a great weekend. Thought I would just post some pictures I took last week - when it was slightly sunnier- but didn't have time to put up! I love mixing patterns, I think it makes an outfit far more lively and vibrant, you just have to be careful as to how you execute it! It is important that the patterns do not overpower one another, so make sure they compliment each other in some way, whether it is through a colour in each piece or size of the pattern. However also make sure that they contrast each other in some form, this is most effectively done when the patterns are different to each other, for example mixing small, dainty, polka dots with larger, thick stripes.

I loved this green striped clutch I purchased from ASOS last summer, and I feel it adds a spring-like feel to any outfit, in particular this floral skirt!

Top- Ralph Lauren
Skirt- H&M
Clutch- ASOS
Shoes- Topshop
Necklace- Topshop
Cuff- Flea Market
Belt- Flea Market


A Day for Brights

Looking outside this morning I couldn't help but think how sick and tierd I was of all this  miserable weather (if you live in the UK you will know what I am talking about!) So I decided today to wear something bright and colourful to cheer me up yet not too bright that I look out of place at this time of the year- after all it is still winter! I opted for this bright coral necklace which I absolutely love and wearing it over a black top really helps it to stand out and make it a statement piece. Hope the weather is better where you are! Much Love xoxo

Shorts- H&M
Top- Ralph Lauren Outlet
Necklace- H&M (old)
Belt- Primark