Lauren Conrad Special!

I was thrilled to come back from school yesterday to discover that I had been featured on Lauren Conrad's website, http://www.laurenconrad.com/, as her Chic of the Week. It was such a huge compliment to find out that Lauren likes my style, (I was literally jumping up and down in excitment!)  Thought I would share the link to her post;  http://www.laurenconrad.com/post/chic-of-the-week-rachels-uk-style. In addition make sure to check out her blog for daily updates on all things girly and inspirational; I have been addicted to her posts for many months now and reading them has been a feature of my day which I usually look forward too.

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It's Tie-Dye Time!

If you read my blog often you would know that I have been overloaded with school work lately and I thought I would just quickly show you some of my art work. This skirt I have made from scratch and it was just a plain piece of fabric which I then tie-dyed orange (a big trend for this season), and pleated around the top. I paired this piece with a belt I found in a flea market a few years ago, however for my course work I created a corset and a netting tutu to go with the skirt. I may not be a professional designer or dress maker but it is something I have discovered that I love to do and hopefully will be able to make some more clothes in the near future.

Skirt- Handmade
Belt- Flea Market
Top- Ralph Lauren
Cuff- Flea Market
Necklace- H&M
Sunglasses- Ray Ban