Fields of Flowers

For today's outfit I thought I would be a little more inventive... I actually made the skirt I am wearing out of an old scarf I had! I think it is great to find fashionable pieces that are multi-functional and I think this is a great idea if you are wanting a cover-up at the beach or by the pool this summer. Of course you will need a rather large scarf (preferably a square scarf which has dimensions slightly larger than the sides of your waste!) Also if it is slightly more transparent you will need to be able to fold it in half, which this scarf from Accessorize is perfect for! You can either tie the skirt around your waste or what I did was tie a belt around my waste to be doubly sure that it wouldn't fall off.

Scarf (Skirt) - Accessorize
Top, Necklace, Belt - Topshop


Friday Favourites - Enjoying the Sun

It has been amazing weather in the UK this week, and although I have sadly been stuck inside for a lot of it I have been grabbing every opportunity to get out! Thought I would share some of my favourite photographs I have taken this week!

Made this paper cut-out of the word-sun for an inspirational photograph and loved how the photograph turned out!

Have been loving painting my toes now my feet don't have to be covered in socks or tights all the time!

And for my fingers... Essie is my favourite nail polish brand and as you can see I am having a bit of an obsession with pinks and reds!


To Trend? Or Not To Trend?

So stacking rings has been a big trend for over a year now and I have without doubt been a big follower of that. Recently I thought I would try something new and so bought these Asos Plain Band Rings, (rings on the left), after seeing them on the Made In Chelsea star Rosie Fortescue.
On the one hand I love how they are a definite statement piece yet very simple and obviously will go with absolutely anything. However whenever I wear them I can't help thinking I have knuckle dusters on my fingers because of the sheer amount of plain metal on such a small area of my body.

Tell me what you think of these rings below... Would you follow/ do you follow this trend?

Rings: Asos, Topshop