Prague Travel Diary

So I am finally home from my trip to Prague... I had a great time expierencing the city and all its sites so I thought I would do a quick overview post of my trip.

The buildings in Prague were beautiful, and reminded me of the buildings in Paris.

There were chandelier shops all over the city.

A beautiful sky on the plane journey home...


Bubble Remix

Recently I have been very inspired by bubbles through my artwork. I just love how no bubble is ever just plain and round, but different sizes and full of colour. Regardless that fall is often a season of muted down reds and greens, I have been digging out some of my bolder and brighter pieces, in particular primary colours  What do you think, is bold bright colours ever fall appropriate?

Top- Vintage
Skirt- Zara


Teen Vogue Feature

I was so happy yesterday when I arrived back home from school to find I had been featured as Teen Vogue's Reader Look of the Day, that I just wanted to make a quick post with a link to the article. I have been a big reader of both Vogue and Teen Vogue for many years now as I am sure many of you know, so to be featured on their website's front page was such an amazing feeling! 

I would also just like to take this moment to say a quick thank you everyone who follows, reads and comments on all my posts. It honestly means the world when I receive such lovely comments on my posts and makes the hard work worth while. I know I have not been terribly consistent with my posts recently but I am hoping to get back in the swing of things soon, so if you have any post suggestions or questions I would love to hear about them in the comments! 

Teen Vogue post: http://www.teenvogue.com/fashion/look-of-the-day/2012-10/rachel-s

(Screen shots from www.teenvogue.com )