A Look Back At 2013

Time for the round up of 2013! Like most years this year has definitely had its ups and downs, its happy moments and stressful moments! I travelled to some amazing places this year; Barcelona and Salamanca in Spain, down the river Douro in Portugal and visited many city's around the UK such as Glasgow, Edinburgh and London! 

This year was also a very significant year as I started my first year at Art School. So far this has been going great and I am looking forward to the next three and a half years! 

Rachel's Fashion Patch has had a great year although it has proven to be slightly difficult at times balancing blog work with uni work. I have included a collage of 13 pictures to show RFP's journey throughout 2013!

Hope you all had a great year! 2014 - BRING IT ON! 


DIY Coffee Mugs

I have been a fan of Sharpie art for quite some time now. Any white dinner wear; mugs, plates, bowls etc... usually can be 'Sharpied' on to and I thought this would be the perfect idea for any of you needing last minute present ideas for the holidays as they are so quick to do - all you need is a creative mindset. 

The instructions are pretty easy: Simply draw on your design using as plain or as elaborate as you would like and then place it in the oven at 180°C for 30 minutes. Afterwards, make sure you let your mug cool and the Sharpie should be permanent ready for your cups of tea and coffee! Good luck and happy mug making!


Kimono Crazy

I was drawn towards this kimono when I was walking around Topshop a few weeks back, and couldn't help buying it. I just love the prints and colours throughout the piece and despite it now being Autumn I still love wearing lots of brights. I can't say it is probably the best buy if I wanted to keep warm in the colder season, however it's great if you are just wanting a quick throw over a white tank. I kept the rest of the outfit very plain and simple, and accessorised with a few vintage pieces such as this hat and a few necklaces. 

Kimono - Topshop
Tank Top - H&M
Leggings - Topshop
Jewelry - Vintage 
Hat - Vintage


Photography: Garage Grunge (2)

This is the final part in this Garage Grunge photography series. I wanted to create an interaction and and relationship with the figure and the everyday tools and items you find around your garage. 

Also, I thought I would give a quick update as posting has been lacking lately on RFP. I am almost half way through my first semester at Art College which has been going really well, despite the large volume of work. Other from that I have just been really busy making friends and getting used to my new surroundings and finding my way around a new city. Hopefully now I am settling in I will be able to establish a routine so I am able to blog more often again as it is definitely a hobby that I miss! 


Photography: Garage Grunge (1)

I think any girl with long hair has had her fair share of hair flicking moments. This is the first part of a photography series I did almost a month ago now with my friend Cerianne where I tried to capture hair flicking in slow motion. I love the outcomes, especially in black and white - I think it looks like the hair is almost dancing. I also created a collage of some of the best photos at the bottom of this post to show the capture of the movements in slow motion. Hope you like them and as usual tell me what you think! 

 PLEASE NOTE: Photographs are all copyrighted to Rachel Sanders and may not be copied without the owners permission, if you would like to copy any of the images please contact me at rachelsfashionpatch@yahoo.com - Thank you.)   


La Parisienne

Another illustration I did over the summer and one of my favorites I have done in a while! I was inspired by the classic Parisienne women with their chic and simple style. I have recently adopted a very illustrative style and used ink, pen and chalk to create this drawing. 


A Little Reflection

Now I am settling in to my new place, I have had some time to reflect on the past 18 years. It's funny how many things change over the years; the music you like, your style, how many different times you change what you want to be when you grow up... But then there are also the many traits that stay with you as you grow (I think this is evident from these pictures!) 

Living in a new city away from home has opened so many new doors and I am so excited to attend my official first Art class next week! I have almost made it through my first week and I am looking forward to all the weeks to come!


Photography: Deathly Beautiful

Do you remember the post from earlier this week where I showed some pages from my sketchbook? Well these are the final pictures! I found this awesome forest near my house filled with these unusual long cane trees, and I felt the scene added a lot of drama to the pictures. Thank you to the beautiful Annie Ross for modeling for me, and I hope you enjoy the photographs! 


A Look Inside My Sketchbook

A must-have for every artist is of course your sketchbook! I love using my sketchbook for jotting down ideas, making quick sketches and sticking in pictures that inspire me. Today, I thought I would share some pictures from one of my sketchbooks that are my inspiration pages for a photography shoot I will be posting this week! I have also posted a short video for you to have an inside look. Hope you enjoy and stay creative! 


Joules For Prints

Just because Autumn is around the corner, doesn't mean that bright colours and prints have to be put to the back of your wardrobe. I love mixing prints and with the coming colder seasons means you can now mix prints with Wellie boots! Joules has some of my favourite patterned wellies and I think this spotty pair alongside this floral Joules shirt looks great! If you need something slightly warmer then I recommend the Joules Moredale from Oldrids and Downtown, which still adds a subtle hint of print if you get a glimpse at the inside of the jacket!

Shirt - Joules
Dress - Zara 
Wellies - Joules 
Sunglasses - Topshop 


ARTWORK: Tails Tied

If you are a follower of @rachelsfashionpatch on Instagram, you may have previously seen some of my artwork I have posted.  I love to draw and this summer I have been particularly inspired to draw models, (probably from the great volume of fashion magazines I have read through in the past few months and my new found addiction to Pinterest!) Please let me know what you think! 

Maxi Skirt

Maxi skirts can possibly be considered one of the most useful pieces for hot climates. I thought I would share my favourite maxi skirt that I love for its colourful, abstract floral design. The maxi skirt can be found in a huge variety of cuts and styles, suitable for every possible occasion. I think my skirt suited this picturesque Portuguese garden perfectly. 

Skirt - Primark
Top - Paul and Bear 
Sandals - Topshop 
Sunglasses - Ray Bans  


Sequins and Sparkle

I think almost every girl loves dressing up and going out for a party once in a while, and sometimes the process of getting ready can turn out to be even more fun than the party itself. I love the step by steps of  making yourself pretty and glamorous; listening to music while choosing an outfit and applying makeup. 

Details are always crucial when choosing an outfit for a glamorous event, and I think the beading detail on this dress would be perfect. Also black and white is also always very chic and follows the current monochrome trend. Also, don't forget to accessorize! Even if the outfit would look a bit over the top with a necklace or a statement pair of earrings, you can still always add a great pair of shoes or clutch bag.

Necklaces - Vintage 
Earrings - Talullah Tu

Strappy heels have been really on trend this season. These are from Primark, although you can find a similar pair here from Box Clothing!

I bought this dress last year from Topshop, but there is a great monochrome alternative here.


Yellow Van

Yellow is one of my favorite colours - if not my favorite, however often the bright paleness of the colour puts my off wearing it tends to wash me out. However this summer I decided to bite the bullet and go a little yellow crazy buying a yellow bikini, yellow top and this yellow dress! 

I accented the outfit with blue accessories such as this aztec blue belt and these blue reflective sunglasses to contrast with my hair. 

These photos were taken by a cute, little retro milkshake van I found wandering the streets of Porto. I got chatting to the owner about my blog, and she was so nice and let me take these photos!  

Dress - Topshop
Belt - Flea Market 
Sunglasses - Ray Bans 
Bag - Newlook 
Sandals - Topshop


Travel Diaries (2) : Portugal

The second place I have visited recently is Portugal. I took a boat along the Douro River in the north of Portugal with my family for a week, which was a really great experience. 

Although we spent our nights onboard, our days were spent exploring the shorelines of Portugal and the beautiful culture, sites and of course wine, they have to offer. Here are just a few pictures of sites and scenic views along the riverside.