A Look Back At 2013

Time for the round up of 2013! Like most years this year has definitely had its ups and downs, its happy moments and stressful moments! I travelled to some amazing places this year; Barcelona and Salamanca in Spain, down the river Douro in Portugal and visited many city's around the UK such as Glasgow, Edinburgh and London! 

This year was also a very significant year as I started my first year at Art School. So far this has been going great and I am looking forward to the next three and a half years! 

Rachel's Fashion Patch has had a great year although it has proven to be slightly difficult at times balancing blog work with uni work. I have included a collage of 13 pictures to show RFP's journey throughout 2013!

Hope you all had a great year! 2014 - BRING IT ON! 


DIY Coffee Mugs

I have been a fan of Sharpie art for quite some time now. Any white dinner wear; mugs, plates, bowls etc... usually can be 'Sharpied' on to and I thought this would be the perfect idea for any of you needing last minute present ideas for the holidays as they are so quick to do - all you need is a creative mindset. 

The instructions are pretty easy: Simply draw on your design using as plain or as elaborate as you would like and then place it in the oven at 180°C for 30 minutes. Afterwards, make sure you let your mug cool and the Sharpie should be permanent ready for your cups of tea and coffee! Good luck and happy mug making!