Cherries, Tress, And Falling Leaves

I think I forgot how much I love Autumn until it came around again this year, especially now that I'm living in the city,  I can always appreciate the beautiful countryside landscape whenever I have the chance to escape back home. This cherry printed skirt is something that I love bringing back out every Fall and Winter because of its autumnal and festive colours. Of course I had to mix prints by adding some spotty wellie boots - an essential for jumping in all of those Autumn puddles! I love Autumn walks for blackberry picking, conker finding, and hot chocolates at the end of the day! Let me know your favourite moment of Autumn bliss!

Skirt - Handmade 
Top - Ralph Lauren Outlet
Wellies - Joules 


Goodbye Summer

University summers are well known for being extremely long and I definitely think it's about time to be getting back to my studies but I can't help miss the amazing travelling, long summer walks, outdoor barbecues, and having some quality time with my friends and family. I love having a summer recap to scroll through photos from the season and remember how much I actually did achieve and not all the little things I didn't have time to do.

The summer started pretty promptly with a quick trip down to London to visit an old friend of mine followed by a week in Paris with a well loved bestie. I had been to Paris with my family before but I got a whole new perspective second time around spending it with my fellow art friend sauntering through art galleries and stopping to draw take pictures of the things that inspired us. Next, it was back to London for the Company Blogger Awards agh!!!! I was so excited to be going to this event and I met so many other lovely bloggers like myself. I actually made a whole post about the event which you can read about here

Another amazing holiday that still seems really fresh in my mind as I only got back a couple of weeks ago was my trip to Switzerland. I thoroughly enjoyed the many mountain walks and cable car rides which led to some of the most breath taking views I had ever seen. It was quite an intense holiday as we were usually up pretty early and came back late and absolutely exhausted, but being surrounded by nature was so relaxing and inspiring. 

Of course in the time between these adventures I have been kept busy working at my summer job on most days as well as doing a bit of drawing and DIYs to perk up my room at home a little. Some of my favourite memories were going for hikes and picnics with friends and discovering the world of geocaching with my boyfriend (if you don't know what it is Google it! I discovered so many secret places that I didn't know existed right outside my doorstep). 

I may not have done everything on my summer bucket list but I certainly can't say I have done nothing and lazed around for the past three months (although I'm not denying the large amount of time I did spend procrastinating on the internet!) 

Please share your favourite summer moments or future summer plans! I am already can't wait for next year's!


Sixtys Fringe

The sixties 'hippy' trend has been floating around for a while now and I am all over anything floaty or fringy. My favourite sixties inspired piece over the summer has been this sheer fringed kimono that has a beautiful embroidered floral overlay and gives a fun bohemian/ sixties twist to any basic outfit. The kimono is actually another piece I won in the #missguidedfest competition and the foundation upon my new obsession with Misguided's collection (as seen on my Instagram . The simple black dress I am wearing is a great example for turning something really basic and not very exciting into something a lot more fun and unique. I usually only wear this black dress on nights out or at parties but with the added accessories of a floppy hat and tan suede boots, the look completely transforms into something much more wearable on a daily basis. 

Also, I just wanted to mention that although the lighting may deceive you, I have not dip-dyed my hair although I am actually really loving the look. I know the trend is a little bit on the old side and has been and is slowly fading out but I would love your thoughts on dip-dying and whether or not I should give it a go. 

Kimono - Missguided 
Dress - Nasty Gal 
Boots - Dune
Hat - Lavand 


Swiss Photo Diary

The walking boots and cosy thermals doesn't make this the most "fashion conscious" of posts but I couldn't resist sharing photos from some of my favourite Swiss moments over the past couple of weeks. I think most of these pictures speak for themselves but the scenery was truely breath taking. We started off our journey exploring some of the city life in Geneva for a couple of days before heading out into the mountains near Lauterbrunnun and Zermat (which is the town known for the mountain that's found on all the Toblerone boxes!) One of my favourite daily rituals was going to see the goats walk through the town of Zermat in the late afternoon which was always entertaining as many often tried to escape or have a snack in a resident's garden. As for all the cows, cheese and chocolate, it's impossible to get enough of it and I am definitely going to miss the large array of flavours to choose from. I would love to know if you have been Switzerland what your favourite areas are and I will be happy to answer any questions if you are planning to travel there. 


Roaming Through Meadows

I couldn't go to Switzerland without posting about the beautiful flower meadows that surround the Swiss countryside, (you know I love my flowers!)  I tried and failed at counting the number of different flower species I found - some fields have hundreds of species all growing together next to each other making the grass so vibrant and colourful. I couldn't do a floral post without wearing my favourite American Apparel Sunflower shorts which I am sure you will have all seen in previous posts. On my top half I decided to mix up the prints with a striped light-weight baggy tee which is perfect to wear for walking in the hills. Of course keeping shaded from the sun is extremely important especially since I am so pale, so I added a straw hat that I found in a market in Geneva a couple of weeks ago and has turned into my summer staple.

Shorts - American Apparel
Top - Zara 
Hat - Market  


Morning Rise

On those lazy summer days I often wake up and change out of my pyjamas into equally comfy clothes such as  my favourite Brandy Melville shorts or a t-shirt dress like this one from Topshop that I'm wearing in these photos.  These type of outfits have been my go-tos especially for hanging around the home but if I need to dash out the house for any reason I will just slip on some leather sandals and add a straw hat to stay protected from the sun. I found this one recently at a street vender in Geneva inspired by hat styles I have been seeing all over Free People whose Instagram I've been addicted to as of late. If love everything boho, art, music, travel and fashion, I strongly recommend the Free People Instagram to check out for some inspiration. 

Dress - Topshop
Sandals - Topshop
Hat - Street Vender 
Necklace - Topshop


Summer Smoothies

I am all for the concept of fresh juices and smoothies as they are not only really refreshing and help to fill you up but also the benefit of drinking your fruit and veg makes it much easier to consume a larger portion of food and get the nutrients you need throughout the day. I thought I would share my favourite concoction of the moment which I like to call my Raspberry Refresher. Not only do I love making my own fresh fruit smoothies but my family are also very passionate about growing a lot of our own fruit and veg, so beforehand I head outside to pick the fruit fresh off the vines. 

To make my raspberry refresher pop into a blender:

1 cup of raspberries
1.5 cups of diced watermelon 
200-250ml of apple juice 
2-3 tbs of Greek yogurt (optional) 

Of course you can mix and match the ingredients as you please and what is available to you. I also love to switch the apple juice and greek yogurt for some lemonade when I'm wanting a sweeter (and  a little more unhealthy) treat. 

Please let me know your favourite smoothie mixes as I am very interested to experiment and try out some more fruit and veg combinations!