Like A Rose

The breton stripe is probably the most stereo-typical French print and in my opinion red accents make a classic look even more put together. I love stripes and have so many striped tops in my wardrobe, but what I loved about this one from Zara is that the t-shirt was a lot baggier meaning I could create a really casual outfit with it. I tucked the top into this elasticated light denim floaty skirt giving me the comfort I need for an intense day of sightseeing around Paris and of course I had to wear my tri-coloured strap sandals from Dune which adds to the stripe theme themselves. With the finishing touches of red nails, red lips, red bag, and of course my red hair, I feel I have completely updated the look from something very comfort-casual to a much more sophisticated look with a simple touch of colour. 

These photos were taken in a little rose garden just outside Notre Dame - something I loved about Paris is that there were gardens similar to this one everywhere in the city! With photography credit to the beautiful Frances Lucas.   


Company Style Blogger Awards

Finally was able to meet Megan from the blog Vent Threads, she is crazy and wonderful and absolutely gorgeous. Some photos of us getting our henna done. 
Me and the lovely Ellie from Rose and Vintage

Something very fun and exciting happened last week which is I was able to attend my first ever blogging event! As many of you know I reached the top ten nominees in the Best Designed Blog category for the Company Style Blogger Awards in association with Missguided. I had the most amazing time meeting new bloggers as well bloggers who I have been following now for months, while drinking cocktails, dancing, and having fun at all the different booths provided at the event such as a nail bar, a hair bar and a henna bar. 

It was so nice to attend a party where everyone there had the same interest on blogging. Some of the lovely people I met include Megan from Vent Threads, Ellie from Rose And Vintage (winner of Best Teen Blogger) and Jojo from Miss Jo Jangles, as well as many more who I hope to see again in the near future. I also met Rhiannon from Fashion Rocks My Socks who I have been following on Youtube for about two years now and absolutely love, however I feel my excitement may have had the better in me (so sorry to Rhiannon for the fan-girling)! 

Overall, I had the most amazing experience and I really hope I will be lucky enough to be invited to a blogging event again in the future! Although I did not win my category, I really want to say a huge thank you to everyone who did vote for my blog and showed support and of course a big congratulations is in order to Olivia from What Olivia Did for winning! 


Postcards From Paris

I think it's fair to say I have gone a little Instagram crazy in the past couple of weeks whilst on my travels, so I thought I would start my little Parisian blog series with a photo roundup of my week in the city. 

I have been to Paris once before a few years ago, but of course there is never enough time to see everything you want (always an excuse to go again!) I went with my best friend and fellow art lover Frances which naturally meant we spent endless hours wandering through art galleries and painting in parks. 

My favourite day would have to be our adventure to Versailles - and believe it was an adventure getting there; strikes, train delays, station closures, hundreds of confused tourists, it was definitely quite the mission. However, once we arrived at the beautiful facades and relaxing gardens it was definitely worth the wait. 

Paris was filled with so much inspiration from the buildings and art galleries to their gardens and food, and I can't wait to show the rest of trip in posts soon to come! 


Eye Candy

Everyone always has that one specific clothing or accessory item that they are drawn to buying, and for me that is sunglasses. I think they are such a fun accessory and you can really change the entire mood of an outfit with a simple pair. I also think it's really fun to personalise and decorate a pair with beads or glitter glue (like this flower pair I decorated here). The only down side is that it's very rarely sunny here in the UK so I get very little chance to wear them (so hopefully one day I will have the chance to move somewhere that is sunny almost everyday!) 

Since I am not able to wear them all that often, I like to make the best use of my collection by using them as decorative pieces. There are so many different ways to store your sunnies, my favourite way being hanging them on a hanger and displaying them on my wall like a piece of artwork. However, I also like to hang them off my mirror frame or display them on top of a book with an interesting cover. 

At the moment my go-tos are probably my fake Ray Ban coloured lens aviators, but I also love my Karen Walker inspired pair. What are your favourite styles of the moment? Also I would love to know if you have any other sunnies storage ideas...?


Daisy Chains

My flower obsession is pretty obvious on Rachel's Fashion Patch, and there's a flower feed almost daily on my Instagram at the moment. Like many other girls, my floral obsession extends to the clothes I wear and in my opinion these sunflower shorts of flower power written all over them. I actually bought these back in January after coveting them for over a year. Of course it was way to cold then to be wearing shorts and bare legs but when I received 30% off at American Appearal I didn't want to pass them up (we all know how expensive AA can get!) 

They are definitely a statement piece, one that I have noticed causes a lot of controversy, whether or not they are amazing or the ugliest pair of shorts that person has ever seen... Of course I am definitely one for the big sunflowers, plus they are really soft and comfy and high waisted which ticks all my boxes. My opinion aside, I would love to know your thoughts on these guys and in general what you think about big bold prints at the moment. Let me know in the comments below! 

Top - Forever 21
Hat - Random Vender
Sandals - Dune 


Summer Beauty Edit

I realised the other day that it has been a while since my last makeup edit and I often get asked to do more beauty posts, so I thought it was about time to do a little update on what products I have been using lately. When it comes to beauty I am the first to admit that I am not hugely experimental and tend to use the same makeup day in day out - a few of these items even featured in last summer's makeup edit! However, now that it is summer I have been more inspired to wear brighter lips and nails and a slightly bronzier complexion. 

You probably all know by now that Essie is my absolute favourite nail polish line. In my opinion they just have the best colours, the best lasting power and I can never resist those cute little white bottles. Recently, I have been using up what I already have rather than buying any new shades, seeing as I do own them in nearly every colour of the rainbow! Fiji (light pink) has always been my absolute favourite, however as of late, Bikini So Teeny (blue) may have taken over it's place as my most worn.

In my intro I mentioned quite a few of these products have stayed the same since last year and most of these are in the complexion category. Nars Laguna bronzer is the best bronzer I have ever tried and I find that having such pale skin means I only need to use very little and it lasts forever! Cream blush is still my favourite formula to use, and I think Topshop have such a great variety of bright shades for summer. As for highlighter, I still frequently use my trusted MAC Soft and Gentle which gives the loveliest glow, however I have also been loving cream highlighter and the No.7 Skin Illuminator is perfect for a golden glow. However, I think the stand out product for me in the complexion category would have to be the Garnier Miracle Skin Cream. It has everything I look for in a summer face product; SPF 20, a very light coverage yet with quite a long staying power, and a dewy finish. The formula is slightly different than your average tinted moisturiser in that it comes out a grey colour containing small beads of pigment which turn into a subtle tan shade when rubbed in to the skin. I love that this product is not heavy at all which has helped my skin to breathe and clear up a lot of my acne. 

From the swatches of these lip products it's clearly obvious that pink has been my go-to colour in the past few weeks. I am still loving the Revlon Colourburst Balms in the shades Unapologetic and Demure. For a bright party lip MAC's Candy Yum Yum is an easy choice  especially if you don't have time to create an eye look but still want to make a statement. And for day to day I love L'Oreal's Rouge Coress Lipstick in Lovley Rose, which I think is more like a tinted lip balm and is your classic baby pink.