Summer Smoothies

I am all for the concept of fresh juices and smoothies as they are not only really refreshing and help to fill you up but also the benefit of drinking your fruit and veg makes it much easier to consume a larger portion of food and get the nutrients you need throughout the day. I thought I would share my favourite concoction of the moment which I like to call my Raspberry Refresher. Not only do I love making my own fresh fruit smoothies but my family are also very passionate about growing a lot of our own fruit and veg, so beforehand I head outside to pick the fruit fresh off the vines. 

To make my raspberry refresher pop into a blender:

1 cup of raspberries
1.5 cups of diced watermelon 
200-250ml of apple juice 
2-3 tbs of Greek yogurt (optional) 

Of course you can mix and match the ingredients as you please and what is available to you. I also love to switch the apple juice and greek yogurt for some lemonade when I'm wanting a sweeter (and  a little more unhealthy) treat. 

Please let me know your favourite smoothie mixes as I am very interested to experiment and try out some more fruit and veg combinations!


Summer Reading

Today I am bringing to you my holiday reading list which I will be taking with me on my trip to Switzerland this Wednesday! Unlike my visit to London and Paris last month, I will have much more time for reading and relaxing during this trip and I especially can't wait to dive into novel again which is something I haven't had the time to do for longer than I would like. The book I've decided to take away with my is 'Looking For Alaska,' written by John Green, after seeing 'A Fault In Our Stars' I was utterly inspired and couldn't wait to delve into more of his stories. I would love to know what your favourite John Green book is and I will keep you posted on what I think of the novel once I have read it. 

As for the magazines I am bringing the April edition of Frankie magazine which I have only just managed to get my hands on as my friend bought it for me months ago but I have only recently met up with her. If you are not familiar with the Australian magazine, Frankie is one of my favourite art prints and it's filled start to finish with illustrations, quirky designs and interesting images so it really doesn't matter when you read each copy. 

Of course I had to give a mention to Company this month as I actually have an article featured in it! Although it is quite tiny, I am so excited to have my first article in my favourite fashion magazine and I couldn't wait to share this news with everyone. 

Let me know what your summer reads are this year or if you have already read anything I mentioned let me know! 


Le Jardin Du Luxembourg

I thought it would be a nice ending to my Paris series to post about my visit to The Luxembourg Gardens. The entire setting of the gardens was so beautiful with its grand house, luscious green grass and umpteen number of chairs to sit in under the sun. My friend Frances and I managed to find a small area of grass that we could sit on under the shade (if you have ever been to Paris I am sure you will agree that this finding is quite the rarity)! We indulged in a couple of macrons each from our visit to La Duree earlier that day before heading out to find somewhere nearby for dinner. 

The dress I wore in these pictures ended up being my most worn piece of the whole trip. Light airy summer dresses are the perfect piece to wear for hot summer city breaks and after arriving in Paris I immediately wished I had brought more, proving my lack in packing skills. 

I really hope you have enjoyed my travel series from last month! I will be off to Switzerland at the end of July so look forward another couple of travel diaries coming up this summer!


Everyday Crochet

These days when I shop I try to pick out pieces that allow me to have a flexible wardrobe. It's the worst feeling opening your wardrobe and having the classic 'I have nothing to wear' dilemma so instead I try to limit myself to pieces that I can dress up or down and when I open my wardrobe in the morning I can mix and match any piece I want and still look appropriate for the day ahead. This orange Topshop crochet top is a perfect example of something that looks quite dressy but can also be dressed down like I did here with a really casual denim skirt. I guess the point of today's post is short and sweet: a versatile wardrobe with a variety of basic items combined with a few trend based pieces will help you to get the most out of the clothes you buy, and even better it means you will never have a wardrobe dilemma again! 

Top - Topshop
Skirt - Ark 
Sunglasses - Forever 21 


June Beauty Buys

There is one obvious thing that comes hand in hand with flying, and that is duty free... From all the traveling I did last month it was a good opportunity to do my once annual makeup stock up in the huge duty shop at Heathrow Terminal 5 (as well as picking up a couple of other items along the way of course!) I love reading about Cupcakes And Cashmere's "Monthly Beauty Buys," and felt inspired to do my own little haul to share my new favourite beauty bits that I have welcomed into my daily routine. 
Benefit Porefessional - One of those well known cult products that I have wanted to try but never quite got around to buying simply because it felt a little unnecessary to add yet another step into my  daily rotation, however I am really glad I took the plunge. It isn't something that I wear on a daily basis - only when I need my makeup to last for long periods of time, but it has really helped to minimise my large pores as well as the smoothness and staying power of my face makeup.  
Bobbi Brown "Peony" - Throughout my entire makeup-buying-life I have only ever owned two blushes both of which are almost finished but more worryingly are coming up to about five years old (and I am sure well over their expire date). It was definitely time to try something new and since I always drift towards corals I decided to go for a colour on the opposite end of the spectrum, a blue toned pink. It is definitely a very wearable colour that goes with most looks, although I see myself returning back to my beloved coral at some point in the future.

NARS "Laguna" Bronzer - The dark colour definitely has to be used sparingly on my fair skin tone but the previous one I owned lasted for over three years so I definitely think I got my moneys worth and something that plays a big factor when I invest in anything from NARS. This is my one and only perfect bronzer and something I see myself repurchasing time and time again. If it ain't broke don't fix it!
NARS "Heatwave" - Definitely a big treat to myself while on holiday, but in the excitement of heading to Paris I was in the stereotypical 'Frenchy' mood and a red lipstick seemed like the perfect token to remember my trip with. Recently, I have been loving red to brighten up any look and the orange undertones makes it the perfect shade for summer.
Yves Rocher "Olive Oil" Lotion - While in Paris, my friend Frances and I discovered Yves Rocher, a beauty shop very similar to the likes of Bath and Body Works and The Body Shop but with even better smells and prices. I loved all the products in the olive oil scented range and paid around 3-4 euros for this 400ml bottle of lotion (taking into account that The Body Shop sells their olive body butter for £13 it is definitely a bargain!) 
Miss Dior - Someone definitely had way too many boots points when this transaction happened, but after five years of point saving I was well overdue a spending. I have loved Miss Dior perfumes for years although what I didn't realise when I bought this is that the formulation from the original one as I remember it has changed! A little disappointed with the revamp but something lovely to wear in evenings and after wearing it every day in Paris the scent leaves me a reminder of my days strolling down Parisienne streets. 


Floral Twist

As an accessory girl at heart, I have been making quite the change to my style as of recent from swapping my statement bling for bright colours and bold prints. Especially during the hot summer months when layering multiple chains around your neck is far from appealing, I think it's great fun to stand out with simply the clothes you wear alone. I found this top in Zara a few months ago and it really has me addicted to searching out more fun prints to wear. The loose fit makes it very comfortable and I love the unique criss-cross back detail. I paired the top with a white A-line skirt to make the top look even looser and suitable for summer and paired with a simple pair of sandals that could be perfect for day or night.

Being an accessory-aholic and as I was photographing just before heading out for some, I couldn't resist adding my all-time favourite disk necklace and a pair of cat eye sunglasses but with a print as bold as this you could easily go without. You may have noticed from last Monday's post that I actually wore this look to the Company Style Blogger Awards, and it turned out perfect for the smart/casual but stylish dress code and it's quickly turning in to one of my favourite go-to looks. 

Top - Zara
Skirt - Oh My Love 
Necklace - Primark
Sunglasses - Forever21 
Shoes - Dune London