Rainforest In The City

I think I may have found my paradise - well the closest I can get to it anyway. A rainforest in the city! 
These beautiful tall, glass, Victorian greenhouses are works of art in their own right, and inside they hold a living encyclopaedia of plant species from all around the world - as I said, my idea of heaven! I love walking through the different rooms and not knowing where you will be transported to behind the next door; maybe the Borneo rainforest or Nevada desert (minus the sand of course). 

In true rainforest fashion I am wearing a raincoat from Protected Species, which is a company I have been working with for a while now as one of their social media contributors. (Link to their Instagram: @protectedspecies and Pinterest: @speciespro.) I'm a true advocate for their catchphrase "Engineered for performance. Designed for living," because not only are these jackets super stylish and would look great with anything in your wardrobe, they are also made using a technically sophisticated fabric that is breathable, windproof and 100% waterproof. Think of them like your high-tech North Face jacket but without the plastic-feeling outer layer and instead with a great style-led design. 

Now I just have to wait until I can test these jackets out in the real rainforest! 



I am in love with the city of London! There is never a dull moment whenever I visit as the city is constantly moving and changing with new places to explore popping up almost daily. 

In my most recent trip back in April, I took a visit to the Saatchi in Sloan Square - now one of my favourite modern art collections so I had to share! The gallery holds some amazing large scale modern art pieces, these two being a couple of my favourites. Admissions are free for the gallery, and it is definitely one of the most 'fun' modern art galleries I have been to, so I recommend a visit if you are looking for a free morning or afternoon in London. 

(Also how awesome would an Instagram account solidly devoted to these types of pictures be?! An Instagram devoted to combining fashion and art together - something I might try!)


Sixties Love Child

I think if I could choose to live in any decade for fashion it would have to be the sixties! I love everything the decade of fashion has to offer from beehives to bold shoe choices but what I particularly love is its bohemian corner. Lace, floppy hats, long draped fabric and bold bright prints (which is not included enough in boho fashion these days!) I particularly love the long sleeves of this playsuit, and the desecrate V shape of the lace on the chest makes it super flattering! To finish the look off,  I accessorised with some white sunglasses because you can't get more sixties than that!

Playsuit - ASOS // Sunglasses - Topshop // Boots - Dune


Dive In

I am so excited to share a snippet from my latest textile design project. As I mentioned in my first Youtube video, I am currently a textiles design student at university and pattern obsessed! Being that this is a fashion blog and I'm a textile student who spends a large amount of my time designing prints for the fashion industry, it only makes sense that I merge this part of my life onto the blog also. 

I particularly love children's fashion and for this girl's swimwear collection I wanted to take a fresh new look on children's wear through the use of mark making and shape compositions. The prints for the collection were inspired from a range of photos I took on a trip to a botanic garden which I then developed into a range of screen prints. Although screen printing isn't the most convenient method to create commercial mass-produced items, I find it a really good way to develop pattern layers and experiment with colour combinations. I then scanned in my most successful prints to convert them to something more suitable for digital printing. 

What are your thoughts on the collection? Could this be a new potential direction in the children's retail market? 

Also if you would like to stay up-to-date with the development of my latest project, find me on my Textiles blog Pattern Patch.


What I'm Wearing This Summer

Summer is favourite season, and so despite being half way through the season I thought I would create a summer cookbook video for my Youtube channel - plus it's the perfect excuse to get practicing on my movie editing! A lot of the inspiration for these outfits revolve around the slightly colder Scottish climate, but if you are lucky enough to live somewhere lovely and warm (I am very jealous) then hopefully the trends can be easily adapted.  

I am really loving covering my arms with long sleeve this summer, and exposing my back or legs instead. Like every summer, white is also a favourite for the sunny weather, and paired with other neutral or monochrome pieces. 

Look out for the pairing fashion posts in the next week for a closer look at the outfits, and let me know your favourite look!