Cocooned In Pattern

There is nothing better than getting snuggled up into bed with a fresh pair of pyjamas, and feeling totally surrounded by warmth and a relaxed feeling. Although I am not getting all that much sleep myself at the moment, what with the end of semester approaching and big course work deadlines looming, I wanted to share part of one of my projects I have been working hard on this semester. 

So here is the textile talk... In my latest project I really wanted to focus on this concept of a mind-scape, and finding your personal space to relax and discover inner peace in. I love the idea of being cocooned in pattern, which is what I have aimed to achieve with these large scale printed night dresses. I think I have finally found my niche in digital print this project, which has been so much easier for changing up the proportions of colour and scale of the prints. 

What are your thoughts on including more textile related posts onto this blog? I am still trying to work out the balance on this blog between my design work and fashion posts. I would love to hear your feedback on this post, and maybe transform this blog to also be the main hub for my textile work also. 


Who Made My Clothes?

It's not often that I feel extremely compelled to make a post about an issue that I'm so passionate about, but today I want to ask you to question; who made your clothes? 

Unless you're a raging nudist, we all wear clothes, so one way or another we all engage with the fashion industry. As a Textile Design student I feel at the heart of this issue, and it does concern me that I could be heading into an industry that is not only based around materialism and greed but more worryingly produces such an endless amount of stuff! 

The fashion industry is all about profit, but what is the true cost of the clothes we buy day in and day out? What is the cost of the air pollution from all the pesticides used to grow all the cotton, or the cost of water pollution from the many chemicals? What is the cost of the factory workers who have died in less than safe work conditions? We need to stop asking how good do the clothes look on me, and start asking how the clothes got to the shop floor in the first place. 

Fast fashion has taken off enormously in the last couple of years and our population now consumes 400 times more than we did just two decades ago, so our greed for materialistic items is undeniable. I really recommend that you all watch a documentary "The True Cost" (available on Netflix) which will clearly articulate this issue in it's true light. It has dramatically changed how I look at the fashion industry and highlights the truths, that these major fashion brands are trying not to expose. 

I particularly want to direct you over to the Fashion Revolution website. There you can read more about the fashion truths and find out how you can be a fashion revolutionary yourself. To join in the revolution, simply take a selfie showing the label on your clothing and tweet/Instagram that photo to the brand asking them "WHO MADE MY CLOTHES?" 



My Icelandic Adventure

Once a Nordic holiday spot brushed aside by most, Iceland has recently been put back on the tourist map for its beautiful landscapes and natural formations. I can’t say that I witnessed any spluttering volcanoes or surging lava flows during my stay last summer, despite our car rental insurance covering any potential ash damage, but its natural landmarks are breathtaking, with scenery unlike anything else I’ve seen before.  

Reykjavik is relatively pocket-sized as far as cities go and it sits comfortably in Europe’s top ten smallest capitals. Similar to related Scandinavian forms, many of the buildings have colourfully painted exteriors, which as a designer is just up my street; and they no doubt help brighten its long dark winters, too.    

The Blue Lagoon is also worth a visit and lives up to its “Blue” name. However, if you would like to join in with the locals, there are many natural geothermal swimming pools that offer a similar ‘spa-like’ swimming experience.

I’m certainly someone who loves action filled holidays and Iceland offers that on a variety of levels for all ages. It may not be the warmest of summer destinations, but in the land of the midnight sun, it’s still important to remember your sunglasses and SPF!


Grey Days

I admit, it has been a while! Now in my third year of uni life has been a little hectic trying to balance double the amount of course work, social life and work on the side as well, but I miss it! Blogging is something that has kept me inspired in a creative area other than textiles design which is how I spend my day-to-day, so I want to try and fit writing back into my schedule whenever I can. 

These photos are from my Icelandic adventure back in June. I love finding quaint pieces of wall art in new cities around the world, and this find in Reykjavik is certainly a gem, and was a perfect backdrop for my grey Protected Species parka. The style in Reykjavik is simple, chic but practical,  and very Nordic. As I spent most of the trip climbing waterfalls and walking around the city I typically wore an outfit like the one pictured here; jeans, stripped tee, my Nike trainers and of course my trusted parka. Although we went in June, it certainly wasn't a summer climate (I had to remind myself whilst packing that I was heading somewhere colder and wetter than where I was already!) So something to remember if you plan on heading there next summer, but if you are travelling there right now I definitely recommend a wooly hat! 

Jacket - Protected Species // Top - Topshop // Jeans - Topshop // Shoes - Nike