Where To Patch?

When I was selecting photos for my Pattern Patch prints, I couldn't help myself picking out some cute kiddie pics - and aren't these tots adorable!? 
If you aren't sure what I'm talking about then read about the Pattern Patches in my previous post. The Pattern Patches are designed to be like a band-aid for clothing; patching up and reinforcing wear and tear in fabric and is practical for all ages. Although the patches are designed with a purpose they also add a playful twist to your 
clothing, particularly a fun clothing accessories for kids.

As someone who loves wearing neutrals, I can see myself adding small patches to accessorise pockets, jackets or even add a fun touch to running leggings. More importantly it will help my clothes to last longer, especially my socks and tights that are always getting ladders and hole, ultimately, reducing the amount of clothing waste I overturn. 

So what is your verdict? Would you use one of these patches to mend a hole pair of socks or would you go all out and decorate your clothes with them? I would love to know! 

(Original photos sourced from Pinterest sited from: breathehappiness.com, countryroad.com, galletasdeante.com)


Pattern Patches

I can't believe it's been almost three months since I last posted. Ultimately, I think it just came down to getting swept up in the semester's between the work load, and a work placements, but I can now officially celebrate the end of my third year! I'm always promising more textile related posts, and now that I have finished the uni year with a mountain of work to share, I have no excuse! 

Today, I wanted to share a glimpse into a recent sustainability project I was working on for an RSA brief, called "Pattern Patch."  The idea came about from the startling fact that over 15% of all fabric used in factories  is wasted during the construction of the garment - that's thousands of tonnes of waste created before the clothes are even worn!  I really wanted to find a way to reduce a part of our annual clothing waste and thought using the new factory waste could be a good way to help restore and repair clothing waste that would otherwise have been discarded.

Pattern Patches are iron-on fabric patches that can adhere to any fabric to prevent further wear and tear - kind of like a bandaid for clothes.  These patches would be ideal for sock holes but could be used for any kind of fabric damage or simply for decoration. 

So what are your thoughts? Like the concept or would you rather just buy yourself a new pair of socks? Keep a look out for some context photos coming soon!