Floral Moods

Something I have been learning this past week is the importance of setting a mood within your work and using a moodboard to illustrate the atmosphere you want to emulate into your work. A moodboard is generally a selection of photos, fonts, drawings, colours and textures collaged together to help direct you towards a more coherent collection. 

For my garden florals theme, I'm really interested in how different times of day effects the atmosphere in a garden, and how I could reflect these different atmospheres into the home environment. I focused on morning, day and night for my different moods.

 So which garden do you like the best? The  relaxing, dewy atmosphere of "Daybreak," the bright energetic atmosphere of "Daytime," or the mysterious atmosphere of "Midnight"?

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Capturing Flora

Nature has always been my number one inspiration for design, so when it came to deciding on the theme for my first proper textile collection, it was no wonder I was drawn to garden flora as my topic of choice. Drawing first hand is a huge stage in my design process and I really enjoy the therapeutic qualities that comes with sitting within the natural environment and seeing what you produce on the page.  It's a stage which I try not to take too seriously - obviously I still need to produce high quality drawings and not a load of scribbles - but if I make a mistake it's not the end of the world and if I do something i don't like overall, I'm not going to rip it out of my sketchbook.

I am so excited for my final year, even though it may be very stressful and a little daunting as to what's next when I get out the other side. I can't wait to share my progress with you throughout the year on the blog and hear your responses along the way. Let me know if you have a favourite flower, I am always looking for new ones to draw! 



The Pale Hues of Iceland

I have totally fallen in love with Iceland, and was recently lucky enough to go there for a second time. As a typical textile student, I fell in love with the beautiful colours; off whites, pale greys and powder blues that seemed to follow me everywhere I went. I collated together some of my favourite photos from the trip to obviously inspire you all to go! 
Reykjavik is the perfect long weekend destination. I stayed for just over four nights which was just enough time to have a look around the city, go whale watching, and do a couple of tours such as the Golden Circle and the South Coast tour to see some breathtaking waterfalls, glaciers and the black beach. If you have time one evening I also recommend a swim in the Blue Lagoon; one of the 25 wonders of the world and a very surreal experience.  

Iceland is one of my favourite places in world, and also probably one of the most photogenic, I can't wait until I can visit again and explore even more. 

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A Chilly Summer

As much as I wish I was a lover of warm weather, I just can't resist the cold. I love wrapping up in lots of layers and honestly I think you can be so much more creative with fashion for cold climates. Dungarees is a go-to layering piece for me and on top of a chunky knit, for everyday things like art school, or walking around a new city like here in Reykjavik. Autumn is rapidly approaching so it's the perfect excuse to get out your dungarees and start layering!

Dungarees - ASOS // Jumper - Fashion Union (sold at ASOS) // Shoes - Nike